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Shopping Lists & Meal Plans May 31, 2010

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One way we save money is making shopping lists from the weekly sales ads and planning our meals. By basing our weekly meal plans and shopping lists on the sale items at various stores (the method my husband calls “cherry picking”), we save quite a bit of money. These are items that, often times, stores lose money on, in order to draw more customers in, hoping that profit will be made on the other items those customers might also buy. So the best thing we can do is buy what’s on sale, and (even better) couple that with a coupon! It takes a bit of planning, but I think it’s worth it. There are fewer trips to the grocery store because the ingredients have been purchased — unless you have a brain fart, like I some times do, and can’t remember what’s in the pantry!

This week, we’re having chicken (which I already have Tyson’s frozen, when they were on sale), some steak (gifted, farm-raised locally!), catfish (on sale at Meijer), and maybe a frozen pizza…(we all have those days!)
A friend suggested that I post recipes and pictures; I might post some recipes so you can sample some pretty good, and very simple recipes, but my presentation leaves a lot to be desired! Honestly, often times the skillet sits on the dinner table!

What is your preferred grocery store?