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Flower beds May 28, 2010

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We have flower beds! Not just dirt, but actual rounded, semi-mulched flower beds. And for the first time in my life, those flower beds are entirely mine! But not so skilled or knowledgeable  in horticulture, I’m learning by trial and error. So I’m trying…all sorts of things. Thankfully this isn’t costing me too much from the purse since I have great friends who are trimming back their gardens and have shared their wealth with me. Don’t ask me what I have growing because I don’t remember; all I remember is whether to plant in the sun or shade! Hopefully in a few months we’ll see more progress.

I also had a coupon from Spring Hill Nursery, located in Tipp City, OH. There are some good reviews of them, and they have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed program. I bought some toad lilies, carnations, lavender, and something else which looks like pink bells; right now all of them look small and green. Hmm…But I’m thinking of ordering again because they have some perennials now on clearance. And I like the words “perennial” and “clearance!” You can check it out here.