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School’s out for the summer June 10, 2010

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I remember my senior college roommate would randomly but enthusiastically sing, “School’s out for the summer!” (And I can actually hear her voice in my head as I type!) Those words use to bring so much excitement to me, calculating final grades and rapidly punching them into the computer, watching to see if the calculation for the final grade would require more paperwork or not; importing those calcuations to Excel and printing them off; checking things off one by one so that the principal would be happy. But this year, there is no school, and there is no summer break!

But I’m still excited for those who will experience their summer break and graduation parties! This summer, we’re doing lots of partying — graduation, weddings, good-byes — and there are mixed feelings for most of those parties. Excitement for the new season but also sadness for the end of a season together.

I’m sure we’ll experience those seasons with our baby girl too. Everyone keeps asking if she’s walking yet, and she’s not. Even though I’m anticipating those first steps, I still love to hear my baby crawl around and will enjoy crawling around the coffee table with her, occasionally popping my head out and saying, “I see you!”


Evening thoughts June 7, 2010

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What a day!

The little one loves to play, and now it’s evidenced in her mealtime. Much to my chagrin, she’d rather bat away the food-loaded spoon and then rub whatever remnant of avacado, sweet potato, or cereal all over her face, ears, and hair — and she does this at lunch and dinner. It was cute for her first birthday party, but now a little aggravating, especially when she needs to put on the pounds! She’s also realized she can make loud shrieks to emphasize what she does and does not like to eat.

With dinnertime behind us, I look forward to closing out her day with a much needed bath and then bed. As we’re in the process of weaning, I go through the pros and cons of whether to nurse tonight or begin cutting that feeding out. But after our day, it might be better for all of us! I take her up and rock her, with her lullibies playing, and I can’t believe how my emotions can be swayed so quickly. Her now tired eyes are drifting to sleep, and she’s almost cuddling me, sharing the comfort. The pediatrician said that we could wean completely, whenever I’m ready; the baby’s ready. I thought I was ready, but it’s hard to give up the idea of my baby girl wanting me close to her because I know she won’t always be like that. Guess I take each day one step at a time, and relish the sweet nature of a baby and the growth of a little girl.