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Meijer — June 6 – 12, 2010 June 6, 2010

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$1.00 Betty Crocker Cookie Mix, 17.5 oz pouch all varieties [10 for $10, 11th free]
-$0.50/1 coupon (from 5-30 GM) or $0.40/1 printable coupon
FREE or $0.20 after coupon* – great charity donation!

$2.00 Kraft Dressing, 14-16 oz (regular price – may vary by location)
-$0.55/1 Kraft coupon (from 5-2 SS or printable)
-$1.00/1 Meijer Mealbox printable coupon (expires 6-11)
$0.45 after coupons
Bonus: Buy 2 Kraft Salad Dressing (16 oz or larger) in one transaction, get a $1.00 checkout coupon valid on your next order. Buy 3, get $2.00; buy 4 or more, get $3.00.
FREE + moneymaker when you buy 2 or more after coupons and checkout coupon savings! More details here.

$1.23 Lysol Kitchen Cleaner, 22 oz trigger (1/2 price – may vary by location)
$1.39 Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, 28-35 ct (1/2 price – may vary by location)
$1.00/1 Lysol wipes coupon (from 5-23 SS) or $1.00/2 Lysol coupons (from 6-6 SS or printables)
-$1.00/4 Meijer Mealbox printable coupon (for spray or wipes)

$0.14 each and up after coupon

Thanks Bargains to Bounty!


Meijer — May 30-June 5 June 2, 2010

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You can read about a deal with (my favorites) WanChai Ferry & Yoplait here.

$1.99 Fiber One Bars, 7 oz select varieties
-$0.40/1 printable coupon or $0.50/1 90 Calorie Bars coupon (from 5-2 SS), if included in sale
$0.99 or $1.19 after coupon*

$2.50 Nabisco Honey Maid Graham Crackers, up to 14.4 oz
-$1.00/2 Nabisco Cracker coupon (from 5-16 SS)
Bonus: Buy 3 in one transaction, get a $2.00 checkout coupon valid on your next order.
$1.50 each when you buy 3 after checkout coupon savings

$2.99 Macaroni Grill Dinners, 8-18.2 oz box
-$0.75/1 printable coupon
$2.24 after coupon

33% OFF Pompeian Olive Oil, 16-68 oz all varieties

-$1.00/1 Pompeian printable coupon
-$1.00/1 Meijer Mealbox printable coupon

Final price will vary, but save $2 on each bottle!

$0.50 Yoplait Yogurt, 4-6 oz cups
-$0.40/6 or $0.50/8 coupon (from 4-25 or 5-16 SS) or $0.50/6 printable
$0.33-$0.38 each after coupon

See more at  Bargains to Bounty. (Even though she’s in Michigan, the deals are pretty much the same. I haven’t seen any differences in the deals that I was able to get.)

And I’m off to shop at Meijer…


Wan Chai Ferry Dinner Kits June 1, 2010

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I like to eat…but I don’t cook well, nor do I really like to cook. It was slightly disappointing to think that I’m an anomaly because I’m stay-at-home-mom but I really don’t like cooking. I cook because we have to eat and stay on a budget. Perhaps even more of a let-down is that I’m Asian, and I don’t know how to prepare Asian dishes! But tonight, we had good Chinese food; and on a fluke, I made this one night for company, and almost fooled them that I made it from scratch!

Anyways, they are the Wan Chai Ferry Dinner Kits. It’s on sale at Meijer this week, and if you click  here (and you might find more that you can use!) you can get a coupon to make it a great deal (should cost you about $2). They have a few varieties like Sweet & Sour, Cashew, Kung Pao, Spicy Garlic, and Orange Chicken. The kit includes Jasmine rice, the sauce, and directions; all you need is to add the meat. Makes a great meal. We’re going to print out our coupons; only 2 coupons will print from a computer, so if you have another computer or laptop, you can print more! (Obviously, don’t photocopy because they would be like plagiarism and stealing.)


Meijer — May 23 – 29, 2010 May 26, 2010

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I love shopping at Meijer! They have great deals, and my husband loves that they are still a family-run business, not selling public stock like WalMart. Anyways, I’m going to list some of the deals that have made it on my grocery list and link you to more great finds there!

I’ve already made one trip to Meijer, but will be returning later on this week for more!

$0.99 Sweet Baby Ray’s Marinade, 16 oz (not shown in ad)
-$1.00/1 Marinade coupon (from 5-23 SS)
FREE after coupon

$1.67 McCormick GrillMates Seasoning, 2.5-3.4 oz select varieties
-$1.00/2 Meijer Mealbox printable coupon
-$0.50/1 GrillMates coupon (from 4-18 RP),
use 2
$0.17 each when you buy 2 with coupons

B1G2 Aunt Millie’s Old Fashioned Bread (24 oz) or Hot Dog or Hamburger Buns, 8 ct
-$0.55/1 Bread coupon (from 5-16 RP) or Buns (from 4-18 or 5-16 RP)

$3.96 Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Coca-Cola, Diet Coke or Sprite 24 pk cans (LIMIT 2; plus deposit)
-$0.50/2 Meijer Mealbox PEPSI printable coupon
$3.71 each when you buy 2 Pepsi varieties with coupon (like paying $1.86 per 12-pk)

$1.67 Kraft Cheese Singles, 10.7-12 oz select varieties
-$1.00/2 Meijer Mealbox printable coupon
$1.17 each when you buy 2 with coupon
Bonus: Buy 2 or more, get a checkout coupon valid for $1 off your next Ground Beef Purchase of 1 lb or more (as shown in ad).

$1.49/lb Angus Ground Beef from Chuck (limit 3 packages)

$0.19 Florida Bi-Color Sweet Corn

$2.99 Strawberries, 2 lb

Thank you to Bargains to Bounty for providing highlights of the best Meijer deals for this week! She does her matchups using the metro Detroit Meijer ad, where coupons are doubled up to $0.50.