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$25 Gift Certificate for $2 — 2 Days May 30, 2010

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We like to eat, but that can quickly break the budget. Normally we use some sort of coupon or gift card when we eat out. Today and tomorrow (sorry for the short notice, but I’m sure there’ll be more discount codes that will come out in the next month), you can get a $25 gift card for just $2. Click here to go to and use the code FLAG.

We like to use it at Las Piramides in Centerville, but you could also get one for The Melting Pot, Kohinoor Palace, and the Golden Lamb. Note that often the restaurant will require a minimum purchase around $35, so read the fine print. Las Piramides allowed us to buy 2 dine-in meals and 1 carry-out before.  Enjoy…and let us know if you want dinner dates!


2 Responses to “$25 Gift Certificate for $2 — 2 Days”

  1. Mama Hen Says:

    Here I am and I love your blog! You have a little of everything to read about. I also love knowing about good deals. See you around the Hen House! I’ll be back!

    Mama Hen

  2. Esther you’re the best! We just got a $25 gift certificate to the Melting Pot for $2! Greg and I would never be able to go on a special date there without this certificate. Thank you so much for making our next date super special! 🙂

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