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An encouraging note May 29, 2010

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I was blessed with an uplifting note today, and it reminded me of this experience I had last week.

I love going to Meijer; I enjoy it a hundred times more when I know I will save money with the coupons I’ve clipped and the ones that I’ve printed on the internet, after being directed from other mommy blogs. The shopping trip was going to be exciting – I had 10 things on my list, 15 coupons in my hand, and 4 things I knew I was getting free after coupons! I’m crazy….I’ll admit that.

Baby girl is shopping with me, and before we discuss which YoBaby flavor she’d like, I pick up some Yoplait for my husband. So I try to squeeze in between the 3 women deciding between whips, slow churned, light, and whatever kind YoPlait now makes. There’s another lady a little bit more indecisive than me, and after apologizing a few times for getting in each other’s way, she remarks that she’s reading the labels of each because she wants to buy what’ll be good for her daughter. What a mom; that’s the mom I want to be, giving my daughter the best I can.

“How old is your daughter?” I ask.

“22,” she hesitates. “She doesn’t take good care of herself, and I’m trying to buy the best for her.”

“You’re a good mom.” I meant it. I think about what kinds of food to steam and mash up for my girl, and I’d like to think that I’m a good mom.

“Thanks.” But she doesn’t flash a bright smile. I think she didn’t expect me to say that. And I thought, what other unexpected encouraging words can I continue to speak…


2 Responses to “An encouraging note”

  1. Lois Says:

    I LOVE to encouage pp as u.
    Even when they don’t respond I know there willl be lasting fruit….

  2. brenda yoder Says:

    I just got back from shopping at Meijer last night at 10:30! Your blog post made me smile, because while I was there I noticed an elderly women standing, leaning on her cart. She was still and I wondered if she was having an episode of dementia or perhaps a stroke. I turned the corner, then returned to ask her, “Ma’am, are you ok?” She responded yes, just waiting for someone, but said, “thank you, thank you” which caught my ear…….her emphatic thank you for checking on her.

    Just like your small bit of conversation in an aisle of Meijer….we never know how our human interaction in a world of unhuman busyness can encourage someone.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I have enjoyed yours!

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