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2 days old May 28, 2010

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When my baby was 2 days old, I was still a little shocked that I gave birth to a little person. Trying to lay comfortably in that green hospital gown — I figured that gown was easier to wear than my regular clothes, and I really didn’t care what I looked like because I needed more pain medication — I’d think about how happy, confused, tired, and sore I was.

With this blog’s 2 day birthday, I’m happy, confused, tired, but not sore! This is proving to be more work than I imagined. I need to figure out how to work wordpress, to make it look like “the other blogs,” but I’m also figuring out what all blogging entails. I don’t want to feel like I’m just talking to the wall…
But I’m very happy and satisfied with what I have so far, and I’m so grateful for a blogging friend/sister who has provided great advice. She didn’t snub my questions, like some others seem to have done, but she’s pointed in the right direction to make this site truly effective. It reminds me of high school…when the foreign exchange student nervously sits in her/her assigned seat, unsure of what their classmates are thinking, and totally surprised by gracious and open hearts who walk them to the cafeteria and share their lunch table and time with them. Blogging is just like high school…


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