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Couponing May 27, 2010

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I’ve been asked, what are the references (ie: from 4-18 or 5-16 RP) after the coupons you point out? How can I find them?

Those are the dates of the coupon inserts; you’ll find that particular coupon for that item in the insert that came on April 18 and May 16. RP stands for Red Plum, and SS stands for Smart Source.

When I clip coupons, I cut and file in my coupon holder the coupons I know I’ll use. The rest of the insert I used to recycle until I realized there are some good and even free deals to be had down the road; I’ve gotten free Olay Quench Body Wash and Lotion free! So now I take my “left over” coupons and put them in a dated manila folder, just in case I run into a deal needing those coupons later! Has worked well!

We get one newspaper, but my husband will pickup 1-2 more of the county papers, which in Preble County are either $.75 or free, which will give us another 1-2 more inserts. Some people trade coupons or buy multiple papers or get others to give unwanted inserts to them.

Couponing does pay off! I’ve tracked our savings for this year, and every month, I’ve saved around 40% off retail prices on groceries! There are people who can save even more, but I’m happy with my progress!


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