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Shopping Lists & Meal Plans May 31, 2010

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One way we save money is making shopping lists from the weekly sales ads and planning our meals. By basing our weekly meal plans and shopping lists on the sale items at various stores (the method my husband calls “cherry picking”), we save quite a bit of money. These are items that, often times, stores lose money on, in order to draw more customers in, hoping that profit will be made on the other items those customers might also buy. So the best thing we can do is buy what’s on sale, and (even better) couple that with a coupon! It takes a bit of planning, but I think it’s worth it. There are fewer trips to the grocery store because the ingredients have been purchased — unless you have a brain fart, like I some times do, and can’t remember what’s in the pantry!

This week, we’re having chicken (which I already have Tyson’s frozen, when they were on sale), some steak (gifted, farm-raised locally!), catfish (on sale at Meijer), and maybe a frozen pizza…(we all have those days!)
A friend suggested that I post recipes and pictures; I might post some recipes so you can sample some pretty good, and very simple recipes, but my presentation leaves a lot to be desired! Honestly, often times the skillet sits on the dinner table!

What is your preferred grocery store?


Diapers Galore!

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I have close to 400 diapers stored in the closet now; actually, some haven’t quite made it in there yet! Hopefully you were able to get some good diaper deals. For you diapering moms, what’s your favorite brand? From my postings, you should be able to tell that I like Pampers & Huggies; Pampers seems to keep my baby really dry and disguises the urine smell that some times Huggies can’t mask.


Free May 30, 2010

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Who doesn’t love a freebie?!?  Sometimes I think about the statement, “there are no free lunches.” Doesn’t always seem obvious, but someone still pays for the lunch; it just might not be you.  I might use  a coupon to get a product free, but the company still pays for that product to be given to me.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget that simple idea, and I hope I will always appreciate the kindness and generosity of those offering freebies, whether it’s a tangible product or an idea that the life I know and love is built around. Especially during our holiday weekend, may we remember and appreciate the generous sacrifices that have been and are being made so we can be free, here in this life and in the life beyond.


$25 Gift Certificate for $2 — 2 Days

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We like to eat, but that can quickly break the budget. Normally we use some sort of coupon or gift card when we eat out. Today and tomorrow (sorry for the short notice, but I’m sure there’ll be more discount codes that will come out in the next month), you can get a $25 gift card for just $2. Click here to go to and use the code FLAG.

We like to use it at Las Piramides in Centerville, but you could also get one for The Melting Pot, Kohinoor Palace, and the Golden Lamb. Note that often the restaurant will require a minimum purchase around $35, so read the fine print. Las Piramides allowed us to buy 2 dine-in meals and 1 carry-out before.  Enjoy…and let us know if you want dinner dates!


V-tech MobiGo Giveaway!

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Sarah, at Crazy House, has reviewed and is giving away a V-Tech MobiGo! Enter her giveaway here.


Diaper Deals! May 29, 2010

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Some of these diaper deals will be ending soon, so you’ll have to get a move on them.
I’m always on the look-out for diapers, and I hope this is useful to you or that you can pass it on to someone who’d be able to use it.

There’s a great deal at CVS for Pampers next week.
See here.

Kroger has a special on Huggies until June 3 (I believe); if you purchase more than $15 in Huggies products, you instantly get $3 off. Couple that with some internet coupons, and you’ll get a good deal.

Buy 2 packages of Huggies diapers at $8.99 each
Use 2 $3/1 coupons
Get $3 off instantly
$4.49 per package after coupons and instant savings

Or, Buy 3 Huggies Little Swimmers at $5.99 each
Use 3 $1.50/1 coupons
Get $3 off instantly
$3.49 per package after coupons and instant savings

You can read more from The Thrifty Couple and Money Saving Mom.

Also some CVS stores are making down their Huggies Mega Packs of Little Movers by 50%. Be sure to also use the $3 coupon to make it an excellent deal.
Thanks, Money Saving Mom.

*****Update***** I went to the Moraine CVS tonight and bought 2 packs of the size 4 for half off; the size 5 -6 were 25% off. I checked out the Centerville CVS, and their packs were all 25% off.  I bought 2 packs and some clearance wipes, and then used the $4 off a $20 purchase.


An encouraging note

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I was blessed with an uplifting note today, and it reminded me of this experience I had last week.

I love going to Meijer; I enjoy it a hundred times more when I know I will save money with the coupons I’ve clipped and the ones that I’ve printed on the internet, after being directed from other mommy blogs. The shopping trip was going to be exciting – I had 10 things on my list, 15 coupons in my hand, and 4 things I knew I was getting free after coupons! I’m crazy….I’ll admit that.

Baby girl is shopping with me, and before we discuss which YoBaby flavor she’d like, I pick up some Yoplait for my husband. So I try to squeeze in between the 3 women deciding between whips, slow churned, light, and whatever kind YoPlait now makes. There’s another lady a little bit more indecisive than me, and after apologizing a few times for getting in each other’s way, she remarks that she’s reading the labels of each because she wants to buy what’ll be good for her daughter. What a mom; that’s the mom I want to be, giving my daughter the best I can.

“How old is your daughter?” I ask.

“22,” she hesitates. “She doesn’t take good care of herself, and I’m trying to buy the best for her.”

“You’re a good mom.” I meant it. I think about what kinds of food to steam and mash up for my girl, and I’d like to think that I’m a good mom.

“Thanks.” But she doesn’t flash a bright smile. I think she didn’t expect me to say that. And I thought, what other unexpected encouraging words can I continue to speak…